A career in retail is not just about filing shelves and serving on checkouts, it’s a place where you can do just about anything! Continue reading below and discover what career opportunities are available at Cornetts Supermarkets.

Why Cornetts Supermarkets 

Many of our employees enjoy working hours that suit their lifestyle. Some choose to work full time and enjoy a steady income with regular hours. Other team members prefer to work casually so that they can shift work around their personal activities, to spend time on the things they love to do. We are flexible around family arrangements as well. Many team members are able to change from full time to part time as their needs change. Whether you want to work 8 or 38 hours, there’s an opportunity for you at Cornetts Supermarkets.

Our supermarkets start operating early in the morning before customers come in, run throughout the day, and often continue until late at night after the shop closes. Some employees choose to do early or late shifts because it better suits their lifestyle. Staff members receive overtime and penalty rates for various shifts (e.g. nights or weekends). Imagine what you could do if you could leave work at lunchtime (or sleep in until the afternoon!)

There are many opportunities for formal training as well. Our apprenticeship program has helped people learn lifelong skills and get a trade as a retail butcher or baker. Employees attending school may be eligible for school based training in retail. Our up and coming managers have the opportunity to gain certificates and diplomas in retail or management. We also offer courses in food safety, first aid, workplace health and safety, and forklift operation (amongst others).

When working at Cornetts Supermarkets 

One of the big things that people love about working for Cornetts Supermarkets is that they get to meet new people. Whether it’s having a chat to a customer, discussing products with a supplier, or relaxing in the lunch room with the team, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and socialize.
Many stores also operate a social club and participate in numerous events outside of work. Sure it can get busy, but it’s good to know that you’ll be working with a great bunch of people who have got your back.

Cornetts Supermarkets is well known for supporting local events and charities. Our community chest program allows stores to give back to the region and help the people who help them. We also encourage all our staff to be active in the community through sport, charity, or service organizations.

We’re all down to earth people at Cornetts Supermarkets too. We live and work in the same communities that our customers do, so we know what’s important to them. Sometimes it’s helping Sandra to the car with her groceries, chatting about the sport with Greg when he buys the paper in the morning, or swapping recipes with budding amateur chef Megan. Cornetts team members are approachable, friendly, and always have a smile – and customers love it too. Feel free to have a chat to a staff member at your local Cornetts Supermarket and ask them why they like to work here.

Sounds Great What Next 

We welcome your resume for positions that may be suited to your skills, in any of our supermarkets. Please send your email to [email protected]

For all casual positions, please apply within store.