Cornetts Supermarkets Rewards Cards

We think it is nice to be rewarded and with Cornetts Rewards it pays to belong.

Your Cornetts Rewards Card rewards you for shopping in our supermarkets. Simply present your card at the checkout and points will be allocated for each transaction*. You may then redeem these points for dollars to use in our stores. Save your points and redeem them at Christmas or throughout the year. The choice is yours! You may also choose to donate part or all of your points to a local community organisation.

It’s easy to join, easy to earn and easy to cash in!

How do you join? 

Start accumulating points today! Simply take the card to the checkout and one of our friendly staff will activate it by scanning the card. It’s that easy!

To complete your membership, visit It will only take a few minutes and you can also nominate the local community organisation or charity you may wish to support. So do something for yourself and your community and join today!

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*Excludes tobacco and phone/recharge products


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